Congratulations to Level 4 National Champions 2019 "Lillington Ice" - led by Lorena Holliday!!!!
Congratulation to Level 4 National Champions 2019-BC Blush- led by Heather Fahnrich!!!!
Congratulations to Level 4 2019 National Champions-RCE Fame-led by Cassie Tyler!!!!
Please help us in congratulating all of our teams that made it to Nationals in Orlando this year!!! We are proud of you!!! Division 4: BC Blush- 1st Place Durham Thunder-5th Place Greensboro Tigerz-1st Place High Point Royal Flush-5th Place Johnson City Storm-4th Place KCX Flames-5th Place KP Bullets-2nd Place Lillington Ice-1st Place MC Extreme Katz-2nd Place RCE Fame-1st Place SCC Fusion-3rd Place UC Firestorm-5th Place Walterboro=2nd Place Wilson Gladiators-3rd Place Division 5: BC Blackout-3rd Place KCX Inferno-5th Place New Bern Senior Bears-2nd Place RCE Fab 5-5th Place SCC Fury-4th Place UC Tempest-1st Place Division 6: BC Blaze-4th Place RCE Fearless-5th Place Division 7: BC Blitz - 3rd Place

Congratulations to Level 4 National Champions 2019 - Lillington Ice led by Lorena Holliday!!!!

Congratulations to Level 5 National Champions 2019 - UC Cheer Tempest Led by Tracy Vargas!!!
Congratulations to Level 4 National Champions 2019-Greensboro Tigerz-led by Kelly Grainger!!!
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Promoting good sportsmanship and SPIRIT, students will also have the opportunity to participate in Champions In Motion Special Cheer Events.

Champions In Motion combines Pom dance and Cheerleading into one program.  Students are taught cheerleading techniques such as short chants, arm motions, jumps, kicks and stunting techniques.  Students are also taught a special long team performance cheer and cheer dance routine (with use of poms) each semester that is presented by each team at the Cheer Showcase.  We have incorporated the most modern and current dance techniques into our curriculum, and developed teaching methods that work best for children and teens.  Cheerleading is a TEAM-ORIENTED sport and we encourage students to demonstrate teamwork, sportsmanship and dedication to being part of the team while participating in our program.


Showcase of the Stars - “Special Events”

Fall & Spring/Winter Semesters ONLY!  All Champions In Motion Cheer students are invited to attend and showcase their skills in the Champions In Motion Showcase of the Stars Preliminary Cheer Event (not required) to be held towards the end of our semester (date TBA).  The event is a great learning experience for all students as it promotes competitive spirit, self-confidence and fun!  Students will perform with their team, competing with other teams (from alternate locations) of the same basic age and skill level.  All participants will receive a collectible trophy and an achievement medal. Teams that attend the Preliminary Event  will have an opportunity to perform again at the Tri-State Cheer Competition. (date TBA) There will be a nominal fee to participate in the Preliminary & Competition events, paid for at the event upon registration or pre-registration is avaialble online. These event fees help cover the cost of the facility, awards, staff, judges and other expenses.  Uniforms are also required to attend these events! 

Summer Showcase

Every Summer we hold a SPECIAL Summer Cheer Dance Showcase - there are NO team placements, however, a participation award is given to each student.  The event is a lot of fun for the students!  Details will be handed out at practice regarding the event!

Practice Times and Fees

Champions In Motion Coaches assign team practice times based on students’ ages and abilities.  Champions In Motion has Seven team levels.  As students’ progress, the practice time duration and cost will increase.

Students ages 4-6 - Level 1: 45 Minute practice = $9.00 Practice Fee
Students ages 7-9 - Level 2: 45 Minute practice = $9.00 Practice Fee
Students ages 10-18 - Level 3: 45 hour practice = $9.00 Practice Fee
Tryout Teams (Levels 4,5,6 and 7): 1-2 hour practice: 1 hour = $12.00 Practice Fee; 1.5 hours = $15 Practice Fee; 2 hours = $20 practice fee.
Please arrive 10-minutes early each week for check-in.


Champions In Motion merchandise is purchased at wholesale prices and the savings are passed on to you.  All items can be ordered online. The uniform prices listed on the website are subject to change at the discretion of CIM. Please note when ordering deadlines are imposed, an upcharge will be added to each uniform item. This information is routinely posted on our facebook page and distributed to classes through the coach.

REQUIRED ITEMS:  Pom are required in this program (students participating in the Preliminary Events/Competitions are required to purchase and use the Champions In Motion metallic team-level poms).  Mark your child’s poms for identification.  We are not responsible for lost poms.  Do not leave our poms in the heat or sunlight as this will damage them.  There are no refunds for poms.  Uniforms are required for Events & Competitions.     

POM COST:  The Beginner team poms are $18.00 per set, the All Star Team poms are $26.00 per set.

~All poms are purchased directly at practice or our online store.

POM TAGS:  We also are proud to offer our Champions In Motion "Pom Tags" to our students to label and personalize their poms.  This is ideal for weekly team practices because at times the poms can be mixed with other students and for identification purposes our tags are ideal. 

CHEER TEAM UNIFORMS:  Cheer uniforms are required (per team) for students to wear if they wish to participate in Champions In Motion special events such as PRELIMINARIES & COMPETITION – these are required so that the performers match and look like a united, uniformed TEAM!  Attendance at these events is NOT required to participate in our program; we do recommend that students take advantage of these opportunities as they are FUN and REWARDING experiences for our cheer students.



Level 1 Uniform 

Vest:                       $50.00

Skirt:                       $40.00 Level 1

Total:      $90














Level 2 Uniform

Vest:          $55.00

Skirt            $40.00LEvel 2

Total: $95    















Level 3 Uniform

Vest                 $55.00

Artboard 1


Skirt                 $50.00

Total: $105












Level 4 Nationals Uniform

Vest:                                   $75.00

Skirt:                                   $60.00

CIM uniform2


TOTAL:     $135



LEVEL 5& 6 National Team Uniform

Vest:                                   $100.00

Skirt:                                                 $50.00

TOTAL:     $150

CIM level 5 and 6

















Nationals Boy Uniform

Top:                         $50.00

Pants:                      $30

CIM boy uniform

TOTAL:        $80




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Cheer with a Smile

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