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Weekly Check-in and Payment

All parents must check in their student each week!

Cash Payment - Please have your class fees ready each week for class. If possible, please arrive with exact amount. Not all locations have the correct amount of change every week.

Check Payment - No checks accepted!

Prepaid - Students who prepay for the entire semester will receive a “receipt” at the time of registration indicating a full payment has been made.  This receipt should be kept in a safe place for the duration of the session as “verification” that a full semester payment had been made in case there are any discrepancies.  If your student is prepaid, you will still need to sign them in each and every week of class on the sign-in sheets located at the check-in-table.

Importance of "signing-in" your student:  Parents are required to sign-in their student by 1) bubbling in “present” next to students name 2) signing (parent signature) and writing the amount paid - attendance sheets are located by the check-in table.  Students cannot sign themselves in for class - a parent or guardian must be present because a parent signature is required – this is for the benefit of your child’s safety!

Make-up Classes

We know that there may be times when your child can not attend class.  Missed classes,  can be made up by attending two classes back-to-back (their regular class and the class either before or after their regular class).  Make-up classes must be pre-paid or paid the day the make-up is done.

Please inform the class secretary at the check-in table that your child will be taking (2) classes. Don’t forget to explain to your child when they are doing a make up class.

Perfect Attendance

All missed classes must be made up BEFORE belt rank testing (martial arts) or the last day of class.  Students without perfect attendance will receive a certificate and medal. Students may make the classes up the following semester, and test before the next scheduled test.

Your Child's Safety is Our #1 Priority!

Please, physically walk your child to and from the facility and teaching area; we do not want children going outside alone. Do not drop off your child and drive away without first ensuring that the classroom is open and the instructor is present. It is required that you, as parent or guardian, sign your child in every week so that accurate perfect attendance records can be kept!

If you wait in your car during your child’s class, please come inside 10 minutes prior to the end of class to walk your child out to your car. Please explain to your child the he/she is required to wait in our holding area, until you pick them up after class. All students are required to wait in a holding area, students will not be allowed to leave or wait outside!

PLEASE be on time for pick-up! Instructors will not tolerate parents who abuse this rule.

Refund Policy

We do not give refunds for prepaid students. Registration fees and classes already taken will not be refunded.  For Merchandise:    NO REFUNDS  Exchanges may be considered if we are notified WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF ITEM, if you wish to make an exchange. Notify us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Exchanges will ONLY be granted if the product is returned in its original packaging, unused with tags on.

Class Communication

Champions in Motion communicates with parents and students through written communication such as notes and fliers regarding upcoming events, class cancellations, etc. Champions in Motion will also communicate with parents through email, text messaging and our Facebook page.


Parent Helpers and Spectators

We take great steps to provide the safest, uninterrupted learning environment for your child.  Parents are invited to watch the first lesson and the awards program.  Spectators are discouraged during regular classes as children get easily distracted and may not focus on the instructor’s instructions.  An environment with minimal distractions provides a better learning atmosphere. Please respect our “no spectator rule”.

To prevent unwanted guests and strangers in the classroom, Champions in Motion, our sponsors, and facilities require everyone to sign-in on the forms provided. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as “Parent Helpers”.  Volunteers are needed in each class to assist the instructor.  Parents, when volunteering as helpers please read and sign the Parent Helper Sign-In Sheet located by the check-in table. 

Parent Helpers Guidelines

If you sign in as a Parent Helper, then you will be required to assist with class.  Parent Helpers are not allowed to sit down and merely observe the class.  If we allow this then other parents will view this as unfair. Due to facility size constraints, instructors reserve the right to limit the number of parent helpers needed. All PArent helpers must fill out all necessary paper work and be approved by the Champions in Motion Office.

  1. Please do not bring other children to class!
  2. Parent Helpers at no time may discipline students, always alert the Instructor to problems.  ALWAYS BE COURTEOUS & POLITE WHEN TALKING WITH STUDENTS & PARENTS.
  3. Please use a calm and reassuring tone of voice while talking to students.
  4. Use positive reinforcement towards students. Example “Good job, you’re doing very well!” Never “belittle a student.”
  5. Parent Helpers must always go in pairs when escorting students to bathrooms, and must wait outside the door. If no other Parent Helpers are available, have the class secretary or advanced student assist you. Parent Helpers are not allowed to enter the restroom with the students.
  6. Please be as quiet as possible during class; noisy helpers will be asked to wait outside.
  7. Parent Helpers at no time may get into instructor’s inventory, drop box, or class roster book. See instructor for assistance.
  8. Please dress in appropriate clothing to assist class. Example, do not wear bikini tops, mini skirts, t-shirts with foul language, etc.  Tennis shoes are highly recommended.

Helpful tasks to assist instructor

  1. Guard all exits, do not allow students to leave the facility unless with a parent or guardian.
  2. Keep a helpful eye on students in class, look for students who may have to use the bathroom or who may be getting sick.  Watch for dangerous situations and advise the instructor immediately.
  3. Help with lining up students and preparing students for class.
  4. Watch instructor’s teaching gear and belongings.
  5. Help instructor to keep facility clean and put back into order at the end of class.
  6. Help with holding body shields, etc.


Code of Conduct & Facility Rules

We would like the support of everyone involved with our organization in following a few simple rules, which our staff will enforce, and are required by the schools or facilities where we teach.

  • All school facilities require a smoke-free environment.  Please do not smoke while on school or other facility grounds.
  • Anyone on facility grounds while our programs are being taught who is suspected of consuming or being under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants will be asked to leave.  If he/she refuses to do so, the authorities will be called.
  • All facilities require that our instructors leave the teaching area and restrooms in the exact condition in which they were found.  If these areas are left dirty or damaged in any way, our programs could be canceled.  Please assist us in keeping our teaching facilities clean by stressing the importance of this to your child.
  • Please help us monitor by notifying the instructor if anyone is being destructive to the facility.  Please keep close tabs on your children.  Do not let them be in or around the facility without adult supervision.
  • All facilities require that parents of students remain in designated teaching areas.  Wandering around the facility is NOT permitted.
  • When bringing your child to class - arrive ONLY 10-minutes before your scheduled class time.
  • Park in designated parking areas.  Parking in fire lanes may result in your car being ticketed or possible loss of facility use entirely!
  • Pets, food and drink (except water) are not allowed in the facility (there are NO exceptions).
  • If the Coach requests spectators to wait outside due to lack of space or distractions, please respect his/her wishes.
  • Please encourage good sportsmanship and demonstrate positive support for all students, coaches, and officials at every class and event.


Thank you for your cooperation.