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Scholarship Request

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Champions in Motion, INC.

 Scholarship Application

Be it known that Champions In Motion, Inc.  is an organization that provides children’s youth programs at an affordable cost. However, there may be instances when a child cannot participate in a Champions In Motion program due to extreme financial difficulty. Since Champions In Motion concerns itself with the well-being of children, scholarships may become available to a child if Champions In Motion deems it necessary.

If approved, scholarships are provided once per semester year. There is no guarantee that your student will be approved for a scholarship (full or partial), or that ALL children in the same family will be approved. Champions In Motion is limited on the number of scholarships that we are able to grant so scholarships will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Scholarship applications will be open from one week before the class start date until the third week of class. After that date, scholarship applications will be closed for that semester. When applying for a scholarship, please ensure that all the information on the application is filled out correctly and that you submit all the applicable forms with the application. If you do not send in all the appropriate forms with your application, then your application will not be processed.

If the class you would like to attend has started and your scholarship application has not yet been processed if you would like to still participate in the class, be advised that even though your scholarship is pending you will still have to pay the registration fee and the class fees. If your scholarship is approved after you have already been attending the class, Champions In Motion will not reimburse you for the class fees that you have already paid.

If approved for a scholarship, be advised that the scholarship will only cover the weekly class fees. Champions In Motion Scholarships do not include (unless noted) registration fee, testing/tryout fee, merchandise, sparring (karate), or events.

In order to apply for a Champions In Motion Scholarship please fill out the application form below and fax it along with all other documents listed to:

Champions In Motion Scholarship Department; Fax number: 919 535 8314, or you can mail it to:

Champions In Motion Scholarship 1310 Maynard Rd Suite 204

, Cary NC 27511. Be advised that we are currently receiving a higher than an average number of scholarship applications. Please allow 10 business days, after received, to process and be notified if a scholarship has been granted or denied. If approved, you will be notified via email and will be required to print off the notification letter to bring to class and show the Instructor/Class Secretary.