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Champions in Motion Scholarships
While Champions In Motion is an organization that provides children’s youth programs at an affordable cost, there may be instances when a student cannot participate in a program due to extreme financial difficulty or hardships. Since our top priority here at Champions in Motion concerns itself with the well-being of children, scholarships may become available to a child if applicable. 

If approved, scholarships are provided once per semester. There is no guarantee that your student will be approved for a scholarship (full or partial), or that ALL children in the same family will be approved. Champions In Motion is limited on the number of scholarships that we are able to grant so scholarships will be given on a first come, first served basis.
If the class you would like to attend has started and your scholarship application has not yet been processed, be advised that even though your scholarship is pending you will still have to pay all applicable starting class fees in order to participate. If your scholarship is approved after you have already been attending the class, you will only be able to apply those funds towards the remainder of the season. *Champions In Motion DOES NOT reimburse you for the class fees that you have already paid.*

**Please allow 10 business days to process your application. You will be notified via email of your scholarship's approval status. If approved, you will receive a set of instructions on how to apply the scholarship funds to your program fees accordingly.
When applying for a scholarship, please ensure that all the information on the application is filled out correctly and that you submit all of the proper documentation accordingly.

*You will need to scan and upload the following documents in order to complete your online application*
  1. Copies of your last 2 pay stubs, or a copy of your W-2 
  2. Documentation of government assistance if applicable 
  3. A short letter stating why your student should be granted a Champions In Motion scholarship
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If you are not able to submit your application via our web portal below, you can submit the physical form via Fax or Mail by downloading the PDF below. Print and fill out the application form and fax it along with all other documents via:


Champions In Motion Scholarship
PO Box 324
Rockmart, GA, 30153

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