Fun class environment!

Each athlete will learn the fundamentals of Martial Arts in classes of similairly ranked students each week. 

Optional Tournaments & Events

From local to national tournaments, athletes in our program are eligible to participate in special events. *Not Required*

Beginners to Advanced!

Starting from Ages 4 to 18; we cater to all levels. From white belt beginner students, to black belt advanced.

About our Karate Program

Champions in Motion has developed one of the most comprehensive youth karate programs in the U.S. Starting with highly trained instructors, our programs are designed to keep kids safe with a system purposefully created for children and teens. We incorporate leading self-defense techniques together with lessons in safety awareness, abduction prevention and anti-bullying. Our instructors are highly trained in these and other areas so that your star is learning ways to stay safe throughout their life.

Rank Philosophy

Champions in Motion philosophy for teaching belt ranks is divided into three phases (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced). Beginner ranks include white thru green w/blue stripe belts; Intermediate ranks include blue thru purple w/ orange stripe belts; High or Advanced ranks includes orange belts & above. 

 The primary objective for beginner rank students is to teach safety awareness and basic self-defense techniques. The secondary objective for beginner students is to teach the formal aspects of martial arts such as basic techniques (strikes, kicks, blocks, stances). Perfection of techniques is not required for promotional testing of beginner ranks. Teaching children how to stay safe in today’s world is the objective. 

 At intermediate ranks, the primary objective becomes improving basic techniques such as kicks, blocks, strikes, and defense against grabs and other attacks. Basic kata knowledge, beginning one step skills, improved concentration, and a greater demonstration of martial arts discipline are expected at this level also. The primary objective for advanced rank students is to enforce the formal aspect of the martial art; blocks, kicks, strikes, stances, kata, self-defense techniques, one-steps, sparring, martial art etiquette, and discipline. The secondary objective for high ranking students is reviewing safety awareness topics. Promotional testing for high ranking students is based upon effectively demonstrating proper technique and form of the primary objectives.

Class Lengths

We assign class times based on students’ ages and rank. There are Three main levels of karate athletes (Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced). As each student progresses through each level, the practice time duration will increase accordingly.


• All Ranks | Regular Class  | 45 Minutes

• All Ranks | Extended Class | 60 Minutes

• All Ranks | Specialty, Weapon, Sparring Classes | 30 Minutes


Our exciting events motivate our athletes to reach the next level of excellence beyond their regular weekly lessons. Throughout our 30-year history, testimonials have shown how our athletes' lives have forever changed from the improved self-confidence and friendships gained by competing. We hope to keep this positive tradition going to impact future generations to come. CHAMPIONS IN MOTION KARATE TOURNAMENTS: Scheduled during the fall, spring, and summer sessions! All Karate students are invited to attend and compete in the Karate Tournaments (attendance is optional but recommended) to be held later in the semester. Participation in the tournaments is a great learning experience for all students as it promotes competitive spirit, self-confidence, and fun! There will be a nominal fee to participate in the Tournaments. 

Required Items

In Class, students are asked to wear our karate uniform or comfortable, loose clothing such as shorts or sweatpants. Students are encouraged to have a karate uniform, which provides comfort and freedom of movement. No dresses, street shoes, jewelry, or gum chewing is allowed in class. 

Students participating in specialty or sparring classes are required to bring there own sparring equipment or training equipment, depending on the requirements for participation in class. 

All products (uniforms, equipment, etc.) are sold seaparetly, and not included with the registration fee.
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Can parents watch the class?

We take great steps to provide the safest, uninterrupted learning environment for your child. Parents are invited to watch the first lesson and the awards program. Spectators are discouraged during regular classes as children get easily distracted and may not focus on the instructor’s instructions. An environment with minimal distractions provides a better learning atmosphere.

To prevent unwanted guests and strangers in the classroom, Champions in Motion, our sponsors, and facilities require everyone to sign in on the forms provided. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as “Parent Helpers”. Volunteers are needed in each class to assist the instructor. Parents, when volunteering as helpers please read and sign the Parent Helper Sign-In Sheet located at the check-in area.

What if we have to drop-out?


If you wish to drop your student from the program, you can do so by calling our office at (919) 535-8304.

Please note: your child will be dropped from the roster; however, you will not receive a refund for fees paid up to that point.

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