Welcome to our Youth
Basketball Program!

 🏀 Affordable Excellence:
Experience top-notch coaching at just $12-$15 per practice, ensuring both quality and affordability. 

 👦👧 All-Inclusive:
Open to boys and girls in grades 2-12, our program caters to a diverse range of young athletes, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment. 

 🌟 Elite Exposure:
Elevate your game with elite exposure to college coaches and NBA scouts. Our program provides a unique opportunity for young talents to showcase their skills and catch the eye of influential decision-makers. 

 🏆 Tournament Triumphs:
Engage in the thrill of competition with three tournaments per session, culminating in a regional and state championship. Teams also vie for a chance to compete at the national level during live periods.

 🔥 Exclusive Training:
Benefit from the expertise of NBA Skills Coach Ryan Goodson, who will provide valuable training to athletes during tournaments. Additionally, college coach clinics are available for coaching staff interested in further honing their skills. 

 Join us on the court for a transformative basketball experience that combines affordability, inclusivity, elite exposure, and exclusive training opportunities!

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Summer '24 - Events

-Registration Open-

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NCAA Registration & Certification
NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS):  https://web3.ncaa.org/bbcs/
Athletes, Coaches, & Team Organizations are required to be registered.
(Returning coach and athlete users should RENEW their previous account and NOT create a new one.)

Coaches - USAB Gold License:  https://community.usab.com/ 

All individuals involved in coaching activities must obtain a USAB Gold License.
(Returning users should RENEW their previous account and NOT create a new one.

+ See links below for more information on certifications and eligibility requirements for athletes to participate in NCAA certificed events. Included you will find user resources, quick-reference guides, and manuals including guidelines and step by step instructions for participants.

Media Requests

All media requests must be submitted via email to: Dalton@championsinmotion.com. Please include which event you wish to attend, your name, the organization you represent, and the names of everyone joining you.

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Visit our Sponsorship Page to see all partnership opportunities available.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Game ball
    A game ball will be provided, but teams are responsible for bringing basketballs for warm-up.
  2. Bring a water
    Please plan on bringing bottled drinking water.
  3. Bring your own tape
    Certified athletic trainers will be on-site at all venues, but players wishing to be taped prior to games must provide their own tape and pre-wrap.
  4. Warmup Time
    Each team will have a minimum of ten minutes to warm-up
  5. Who's the home team
    The bottom team listed in the bracket is the home team and will wear light uniforms.
  6. Who's the away team
    The top team listed in the bracket is the away team and will wear dark uniforms.
  7. game rules
    In accordance with NFHS rules there will be four 8-minute quarters, a 10-minute half-time, 5 time-outs per game, lane players may go on the release – they do not need to wait for the ball to hit the rim, and bonus will start at 7 fouls and double-bonus at 10.